Friday, June 3, 2011


The date will go down in history; 1066 the Battle of Hastings; 1704 the Gibraltar nation is born; May
7th 1944 Victory in Europe day and May 26th 2011 the Grand Final of all Grand Finals – Cepsa Gibraltar
Rugby Super IVs: the epitome of what sport stands for – 2 teams taking the field, standing face to face
to do battle, all players taking part in the greatest Rugby occasion in Gibraltar’s history. For those lucky
enough to be allowed to witness the event made their way down to the Devil Tower Road military
facility looking forward to seeing these titan teams jostle to be top dog in town -if only Gibraltar Rugby
had its own facility; the terraces would be packed to the rafters. Back to the game and there is a reason
why you keep score in sport – to record who wins; the “Kedhlow Gibraltar Bay Buccaneers” led by
Captain Chad Thomson, taking a small points for advantage, against skipper Chris Lugnani’s “Powerade
Europa Stormers” were to meet for the 2nd time in six weeks following a draw in their first encounter.
The two Captains combined weight of 38 stone (240kgs) set the atmosphere of two heavy weights, toe
to toe, bout for bout, slugging out which team was going to be deserved of taking all honours.

The teams lined up to the sound of Tarik’s bagpipe blasting out some familiar rugby anthems. The
Honourable Edwin Reyes meeting the captains and his players, added to the expectation that this was
not just any other game. This was for the glory of being Super IVs champions.

Crowd silent, blast of the whistle, game on…..

The Europa Stormers with the more experienced pack took the game to a nervous Buccaneers team,
the ferocity at the breakdown put pressure on the Buccaneers forcing a number of uncharacteristic
errors which the ever spritely Nick Cruz snaffling up and exploiting opportunities putting Lee O’Sullivan
in under the posts for the first score. 5-0 Europa Stormers, kick converted by Gibraltar rugby legend
Paul Howard 7-0. Bucaneers, under the cosh, were awe struck but a rampant Storm from Europa, the
blue and white check didn’t let up. Strong runs from Alex Lavarello and Chris Lugnani kept the pressure
on. The classy presence of Teddy Sacerello in the midfield added to the direct play the Stormers
orchestrated. Buccaneers defended aggressively on their try line with big tackles going in by Steve Cary,
Sixto Parody and Moussa Tuznani kept the Storm at bay, great runs from whippets Mikey Massey and
Danny Sweeney threatened the Stormers but that final pass went missing, “Arr, me hearty!” the crowd
yelled as yet another pass went behind the back of the hard running Ashley Martins, failing to get on the
end of another swash buckling move. The Buccaneers picking up the pace with feverish side stepping
by Dave Martinez and the gliding action of Big Bob Massey was too much for the Stormers at times.
Unfortunately, continued mistakes by the Buccaneers led to Charlie Laverello turning over the ball with
Nick Cruz ultimately crossing the Buccaneers’ line to score 12-0 Europa Stormers, conversion missed.

Half time score 12-0

Howling back into the Stormers came strong runs from youngsters Nathan Ponce De Leon, Sixto Parody
and the experienced South African player Larry Nel controlling the game from fly-half. Andy Long John
Wright and Hamish Black Sheep Couper (black beard’s southern hemisphere cousin) at centre put a
number of passes together. The Stormers were receptive and defended well. Ronnie Gache and Martin
Currie stood up to be counted and put in the hardwork to keep the Buccaneers at bay. The Buccaneers
started to gel, put together a string of passes and final result being a try by Hamish Couper, conversion

James Russo. The tide was beginning to turn 12-7 Stormers.

Hamish continued to threaten the Stormers midfield despite the experienced Sam Worvell and Teddy
Sacerello marshalling it. A good turn over from Chad Thomson at the breakdown created an over lap
in the backline, Ashley Martins being on the end of the line crossed to bring the scores level 12-12. A
great restart from Paul Howard put the Stormers on the front foot Nick Cruz continued to snipe the
flanks caused the over confident Buccaneers to rest on the laurels. Stormers crossed the Buccaneers line
thanks to Stefan Figueras linking with Teddy Sacarello who scored under the posts. Howard kicked the
conversion 19-12 to Stormers.

The Buccaneers came back and felt hard done by on a 50/50 call for a forward pass from Sixto
Parody to Ashley Martins who would of coasted in under the posts, from the resulting scrum Charlie
Laverello marched the Stormers forward and into another scoring chance to put the game beyond the
Buccaneers, a try saving tackle from Buccaneer Mikey Massey forced the Stormer’s winger into touch
just before he touched down.

19-12 and this was becoming increasingly tense. Indiscipline from the Stormers started to show with
referee Paul Forster marching them back on several occasion. Both sides battered and bruised knew
there was only 10minutes left to play. The Younger Buccaneers team maintained the velocity of the
game and cracks started to appear in the Stormers defence, continued infringements saw the touch
judge intervene for foul play by the Stormers handing in a ruck. James Russo took a quick tap and passed
to a future up and coming Gibraltar Rugby star Sixto Parody to crash through three defenders to score,
conversion missed to leave the Stromers 19-17 in the lead.

Five minutes left and the intensity was still there, the battle was almost over and with only 2 points in
it everything was still to play for. Tactical kicking from both sides created a territorial advantages to be
created the stalemate on offence was almost in the Stormers favour until indiscipline forced them back
to defend. Slipping off a few tackles, near the end of time Hamish Couper crossed the line to put the
Buccaneers in front for the first time in 78 minutes of the fixture 22-19, conversion success for James
Russo. 24-19.

The score remained until the final whistle, Bucaneers jumping for joy and jubilation, the Stormers
dropping to their knees in despair. All 30 players gave it their all in this epic battle with the Gibraltar Bay
Buccaneers lifting the Cepsa Gibraltar Trophy to be the 2011 champions!! A special mention for Hamish
Couper who scored two tries in the final and finished top overall try scorer with seven tries in total.

Rock Scorpions sting Straits Sharks to avoid Wooden Spoon

Despite having different players each week, the Strait Sharks still put up a good contest against the Rock Scorpions in the wooden spoon play-off. The Sharks started strong scoring two tries and a penalty in the first half, however the Scorpions were able to score a try and convert it before the end of the first half bringing the half time score to 13-7. Both sides played well but the Scorpions had the upper hand, scoring two successive tries due to some week defending. Both tries were converted and the Rock Scorpions won the match 13-21.

Both teams should be applauded for their valiant efforts and for fielding teams which had many newcomers to the game. The Scorpions in particular have brought many enthusiastic raw talent, which improved considerably as the tournament progressed. The end result being that Nolan Romero was awarded most improved player of the tournament, in the night's award ceremony.

Well done to both teams on a valiant effort and we are certain both teams have the potential to make it to the Grand Final next year.

Feel free to visit the Super IVs website for videos and other match reports:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Teams announced for Finals week

Chris Lyons
Leo Judkins
Jesse Lagares
Robert Blackburn
Sam Yeoman
Richard buckingham
David devlin
James Bowen
Stuart munton
Gareth corcoran
Peter Dunn
Julian Leigh
Kevin Bolton
Tyler Bowry
Dave Jacobs

4.Steve Marsden
5.Calum Bruce
6.Johan Fernandez
7.Alert Loddo
8.Ben Duncan
9.Craig Sacarello
10.Stef Paton
11.Charlie Jaques
12.Phil Reyes
13.Phil Reihana (carrying injury)
14.Albert Fernandez

1. Paul Lucas
2. Alex Enriles
3.Mark Quick (told Gary he would play but has answered yet)
4.Mani Gracia
5.Nicholas Ramagge
6.Sean Simmonds
7.Nolan Romero

Chrico Lugnani
Stefan Figueras
Ronnie Figueras
Mick Lynch
Ben Lynch
Nick Cruz
Lee O'Sullivan
Martin Currie
Paul Howard
Sam Worvell
Teddy Sacarello
Jamie Thomas
Adrian Horton
Alex lavarello
Alex Andrew
Charlie Lavarello

Monday, May 16, 2011

Final Standings: Stormers and Buccaneers Make Play-off Final

Last Thursday saw the Stormers v Sharks playing at the DTC. The first encounter of the evening ended up being a fairly one sided affair as the Stormers accrued a tidy total of 50 points (Teddy Sacarello getting a number of tries), against a weakened Sharks side. The Sharks have underperformed this season, despite having a considerable advantage in the drafting of players. The convincing victory saw the Stormers clinch the first place in the Super IVs play off final. The Sharks will have to fight over the wooden spoon.

The second match of the night was a more closely and hotly contested encounter. Both teams were eager to gain victory and make it to the first final of the Super IVs. The Sharks started the match in a strong position and were able to exert plenty of pressure on the Buccaneers defense. The Buccaneers, however were in no mood to let this affect their game plan and were hungry for possession. Both teams wanted the win and their tempers flared on a number of occasions as both captain's battled to contain their players' discipline. Tries from youngsters such as Ashley Martins (Buccaneers) and Philip Reyes (Scorpions) ensured that the first half of  match was an even contest. Philip's try was fantastic as he wormed his way through a number of players to give the Scorpions some real self belief.

The second half of the match was a slightly different story as the Buccaneers greater experience and slightly fitter players began to exert some dominance both in territory and possession. The Scorpions fought hard to the end but were unable to bounce back from a few more Buccaneer's tries. The final results was 25 - 10 to the Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers were delighted with their victory that gives them the final slot in the Super IVs, Grand Final. The final between the Stormers and Buccaneers sees a re-match of the inaugural match of the Super IVs where both teams drew 25 a piece. The Scorpions held their head high and now look forward to the 3rd and 4th place play-off.

It should be mentioned that the Scorpions have dug deep and brought some raw talent onto the field, which although inexperienced have served their team admirably. They have built on their successes in every game and will certainly be a force to be reckoned with in next year's league.

The play-offs will be held at DTC on Thursday 26th May:

Sharks V Scoprions 6:30pm
Buccaneers v Stormers 8:00

There will be an award ceremony at the end for the victors, best player, top scorer and most improved player of the tournament as well as the wooden spoon.

Anyone wishing to come and watch the final can contact Robert Azopardi

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Round 3: Thursday 12th May. All 4 teams in action!

The final round of the Gibraltar Super IVs league kicks off tomorrow, with all four teams once again in action.

The first game will be played at 6:30.

12-5-11 Stormers V Sharks 6:30
12-5-11 Scorpions V Buccaneers 8:00

Please contact your captains if you are available and have not yet been contacted.



Friday, April 15, 2011

Round 2: Stormers and Buccaneers Top League

On a hot evening, with the fixtures changed a little to accomodate the Easter break. The four teams met at DTc to play the second round of Gibraltar's Super IVs.

The first game was played at the earlier time of 6:30. With the temperature in the mid twenties and the sun in their eyes, the Stormers were made to face the low lying sun. This advantage was used to great effect by Stef Paton who persistenly kicked high and deep to gain valuable territory.

The Stormers however, had the stronger pack and were able to put more phases together, weakening the Scorpions defence. The Scorpions' rallied hard and managed to withhold the relentless Stormers attack with great success. The first half ended with the scoreline at 0-0.

The second half started off in the same vane but the Stormers soon combined their phase posession with width and began scoring two tries in the corners. The Rock Scorpions did find a response to the Stormers' pressure by scoring two tries themselves. Most of the carrying work being done by Phil Reihana.

Eventually the battering of the first half on the Scorpions' defense took its toll and the more experienced Stormers attack finished the last quarter by scoring to tries, sealing a well deserved victory. The Scorpions certainly were no push overs and deserve a big hand for their valiant efforts, despite the high injury list.

Final Score:
Stormers 20
Steve Ecclestone
Lee O'Sullivan
Alex Lavarello

Scorpions 10

The second game in the second round was disputed by the Buccaneers, who knew that the Stormers had beaten the top of table Scorpions, with a four try, bonus point. This meant that it was vital the Buccaneers not only won but did so by at least four tries.

The Sharks just managed to start the game with 15. The team had suffered gravely from the battle between the Scorpions and the Sharks and both teams suffered dearly from the previous week's match. Sharks' injury list included the permed efforts of their illustrious, health freak Gary Evans, who was suffering from a deeply infectious bout of man flu.  This however, did not dissuade Chris Lyons and his askew marine mammals, who rose to the challenge of a well equiped Buccaneers team, who had beneffited from an extra week's lay off.

The big boys of the Buccaneers were in no mood for mercy and clearly wanted to impose themselves on a team that despite injuries still posessed quality players. Evidence of the desire for the victory was evident fromt the off, with both team being vociferous in their urgency. This indiscpiline was soon staved as the Buccaneers plied pressure ont he Sharks' defence. The continued gains over the gain ball line split the Sharks' defence on a number of occassions, and was met by a desperate defence who conceeded a number of offside infringements. This afforded the Buccaneers greater territorial advantage and possession, culminating in a number of tries.

In the second half, the Sharks continued to put in a stern defence but were unable to respond to the Buccaneers' dominance. The final score allowed the Buccaneers to reach their objective of four tries, thus winning the much needed bonus point, resulting in them being head to head in the Super IVs standings.

Final Score:
Gibraltar Bay Buccaneers 30
Straits Sharks 0

Gib Bay Buccaneers Scorers:
Andy Wright
Ashley Martins
Hamish Couper x2
Dave Martinez
Bob MAssey

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scorpions Sting Sharks

The second match of the GRFU Super IVs ended in a 15-5 win for the Rock Scorpions over the Strait Sharks. The match was well contested and both teams were fired up and pushing for a win. The score was tied at 0-0 throughout until the final 20 minutes where stamina and injuries took its affect on the Sharks and they conceded three quick tries. They did however manage to pull back a late try but it was too late. Scorpions go top of the league after the first round of matches. The next two matches will both be played this Thursday at DTC between the Buccaneers and Sharks and the Stormers and Scorpions.

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